Marketing & Policy Research & Consulting

Mary V. McGuire provides marketing and policy research and consulting services to assist organizations in the following ways:

  • Defining the information needed to make informed decisions and develop effective policies;
  • Designing and implementing quantitative and qualitative research to gather the information needed by organizations; and
  • Analyzing, interpreting, and reporting the results of the research.

Selected clients:

Design and conduct focus groups to explore customers’ use of, interest in, and decisions regarding financial products and services.

Design, manage, and report on surveys assessing employees’ opinions, satisfaction, and experience with their jobs and work organizations. Analyze and use survey results to develop Department performance measures.

Design, implement, and report on satisfaction surveys of organizations holding industrial waste permits.

Design and conduct focus groups to explore county residents’ opinions of the importance of performance measures, interest in county performance information, and preferences regarding performance measures reports.

Analyze and report on customer surveys, tracking customer responses over time.

Design, manage, and analyze results from customer satisfaction surveys of individuals who call 9-1-1 and have an officer dispatched to provide assistance.