Problem Definition

Work with organizations to identify and define information that is needed to make informed decisions and develop effective organizational and marketing strategies, tactics, and positions.

Research Project Design

Design research projects that use appropriate quantitative and/or qualitative research techniques to produce objective information to be used in organizational decision making and policy development.

Questionnaire Design

Develop questionnaires and interview protocols to provide meaningful, usable data from personal interviews, telephone interviews, or written or electronic surveys.

Focus Group Design

Develop procedures and discussion guides to generate pertinent, usable information from focus group discussions.

Data Collection

Conduct and administer research projects, including focus groups, executive interviews, telephone surveys, and written surveys, including online surveys, with employees, customers, prospects, and the public.

Data Analysis, Interpretation, and Report Preparation

Analyze and interpret qualitative and quantitative data, conduct appropriate statistical analyses, and prepare written and oral reports and presentations to make the results of research clear, accessible, and useful in organizational decision making and policy development.